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At MHacks: Refactor, we're forming an inclusive community that empowers everyone to make, break, and create the best hacks imaginable and to develop a love for hacking.

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William Cohen

William Cohen
MHacks Sponsorship Team

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality: Difficulty
    Does the application demonstrate technical competence/knowledge?
  • Technicality: Variety of Tech
    Did the team use a variety of technologies?
  • Technicality: Bugs
    Did the project execute cleanly, without errors and bugs?
  • Technicality: Extensibility and Functionality
    Is the hack extensible? Can more functionality be added to the app by the team members, users, or other developers?
  • Creativity: Originality
    Is the idea original? Has it never been done before?
  • Creativity: Implementation and Development
    Is the hack novel in its implementation or development?
  • Creativity: User Needs
    Does the hack identify and fulfill the user’s need?
  • Presentation: Pitch
    Were the presenters clear, and did they communicate their idea effectively?
  • Design: User Interface
    Is the application aesthetically pleasing?
  • Design: User Experience
    Is the application intuitive to use?